I photograph newborns at two really lovely stages, either their first 14 days when they’re at their sleepiest and tiniest, or up to 6 months, when they're awake and their personalities are starting to really show.

For shoots that take place in the first 14 days, you’ll get beautifully natural sleepy pictures focusing on all your baby’s tiny brand new details, everything new parents are utterly besotted with. If you choose an up to 6 months shoot your baby will most likely be awake during the shoot and my focus will be on their eye contact, smiles, and everything that makes up their unique character.

With both shoot types you have the option to add on parent/family portraits at the end, these are shot very informally, just you interacting with baby and no awkward posing. Your final gallery will be ready within 3-4 weeks and will be delivered via digital download making it very convenient for saving and sharing the images. Typically you will receive around 70 final images, all in high resolution with full printing rights.

MINI SESSIONS – limited availability

At set times throughout the year and on a limited basis I offer studio mini sessions. These sessions last 30 minutes and are shot using just one neutral backdrop and don't include parent/family portraits. Baby can be asleep or awake for these sessions and you will receive 10 edited digital files with full printing rights, delivered via digital download. This shoot type is perfect for gifting or for families who don't want a full shoot but still want a beautiful documentary of their new baby. The availability of studio minis is announced via my social media channels (FB & instagram) and are usually limited to specific months of the year. Mini sessions are only suitable for babies 14 days or under, older babies require a longer session time.


I have a cosy home studio just off Queen’s Road in Aberdeen’s west end. Typically full studio sessions take between 2-3 hours and mini sessions take 30-45 minutes.


You can see an example of a typical studio session here

the associate team.

I'm so incredibly proud of the group of talented photographers who make up my associate team so I thought it's only right to give a little shout out to the role they play within my business. They both enhance and support my ability to deliver the type of wedding photography I have become known for. Team work most definitely makes the dream work.

what is an associate photographer?

Put simply it's a photographer who isn't me who works alongside me as a second shooter or in a primary shooter role.

primary shooting v second shooting

The primary shooter is the photographer who is in charge/leads on the wedding day. Second shooting is a collaborative role working alongside me or my associate team to cover different physical locations or angles on a wedding day.

more about the team

My associate team is made up of 6 experienced photographers, each one is a full-time primary shooter in their own right. They have all worked alongside me and know my approach and style. I am very bias but I consider them to be some of the best in the Scottish wedding industry.

how it works

If I am not available to shoot your wedding you can request a member of the associate team. Contracts, communications, editing and delivery of images are all dealt with and overseen by me. Associate team schedules are fixed 6 months in advance so you'll have plenty of time to get to know them before your wedding day.





My whole experience in wedding photography has been gained whilst working for Emma, which means my approach to weddings and my shooting style is how Emma would do it - natural, laid back, no awkward posing and tons of laughs. Of course we have our differences, mainly in that I will absolutely be partaking in the dancing (whilst photographing) once the music starts!

Working with Emma has given me every confidence in wedding photography and I have a passion for what I do; I love weddings, I love people and I love photographing love. I am also an expert at securing buttonholes, a small yet sometimes essential part of the day.

I’m a huge fan of animals, large cups of tea, flannel (I am Canadian after all) and will never refuse a good pizza!

Hayley x

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associate team weddings.

(so you can get an idea of how our work fits together, pretty seemless I think!)


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