Growing a baby is one of the most miraculous things the human body is capable of and it changes your body forever. I do maternity shoots in my clients homes and sometimes outdoors. There is no pressure to show any skin, the whole session is completely bespoke to you and how you want to celebrate your bump. Partners & any siblings are also more than welcome to take part.

On a very limited basis I also photograph home births.

I love documenting the changes pregnant bodies go through and really we can do that whenever you want but most mums opt for around 26‑36 weeks.

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I was into my third trimester when I decided I really wanted to capture this journey of motherhood and when I saw Emma's work I loved how relaxed it looked but how she also made women look so naturally stunning.

I can’t thank her enough. Firstly for making me feel like a goddess and appreciating how incredible the woman’s body is during pregnancy but also for these special photos captured inside our new home where a whole new chapter of our lives will take place.

I Feel a whole new sense of beauty thanks to her!


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photo credit kellee quinn Photography